Lodge Officers

The Elks’ Lodge year runs from April of one year, to March of the next. All our Officers deserve a big round of applause for all the work they do throughout the year. As in every Lodge, the brunt of the duties fall on the Officers’ shoulders. The year passes quickly for them, and they are always ready to pass the responsibility of office on to the new Officer each April.

Luke Braby, Exalted Ruler 2019-2020

Our other Officers are:
Pam Bishop
Janet Ketelsleger
Mike Dunlap
Becca Meyer
Ron Jacobs
Robbie Kippin
Russ Guerette
Mike Whitt
Esteemed Leading Knight
Esteemed Loyal Knight
Esteemed Lecturing Knight
Esquire / Indoctrination
Inner Guard


Our Trustees:
Paul Rosette – Darold Winchester – open

Our House Committee:
open – Larry Spaulding – Pam Bishop – open

Mountain District DDGER
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