Laradon Hall

The Colorado Elks State Major Project

Laradon was adopted as the Elks Major Project in 1950. Laradon is one of Elkdom’s oldest continuous Major Projects and enjoys local, state and national recognition within the Elks community.

What is Laradon Hall?  

Laradon is a private, non-profit organization which was founded in 1948 as Colorado’s first alternative school for children with disabilities. With the support of the Colorado Elks, Laradon has grown to become one of the most comprehensive educational, vocational, residential and therapeutic programs in the country.

What is the Purpose of Laradon?  

Laradon provides the training, education, services and support to help children and adults with special needs to live and work in the community, to enjoy life, live free and to be all they can be!

How do the Elks Help Laradon?  

A cross-section of Elks from across the state have served on Laradon’s board of directors and committees from the very beginning. Today, the majority of Laradon’s board members are Colorado Elks. Elks donate food, clothing, supplies and equipment; sponsor Lodge fund raisers; and sponsor social and recreational activities in the community for our participants. Some Elks have even hired Laradon participants for jobs in their businesses. The Elks provide a level of friendship and support which has given the organization its competitive edge and enabled it to be a recognized leader in the human services field.

Where is Laradon Located?  

Laradon’s main campus is in North Denver. Laradon’s program operations take place in residences, community centers, training facilities and private businesses throughout the Denver metro area.

Who does Laradon Serve?  

Laradon serves infants through seniors. There is an infant and toddler program for children who have disabilities or are at risk for delays; a preschool which serves children with and without disabilities; a school and residential center for adolescents; a basic skills program for those with more severe disabilities; a training and employment program for adults; and a recreational program for seniors. The children and adults have various levels of disabilities and some have coexisting physical or psychiatric disabilities.

What is Laradon’s Service Area?

Laradon receives referrals from schools, social service agencies, and other human service agencies from across the State of Colorado.
How Big is Laradon?

Laradon’s enrollment levels are over 600 per year in all of its 15 programs. Its annual operating budget is nearly $6 million. the main campus in North Denver covers approximately 10 acres. Laradon also owns three community group homes which were purchased by the Colorado Elks.
Where Does Laradon get its Money?

The majority of Laradon’s annual operating revenue comes from local, state and federal governments. Laradon receives grants from various private foundations, as well. The Elks in Colorado, as individuals, or through their Lodges, provide support through Lodge fund raisers, Laradon’s annual raffle, as well as other events.

What’s so Special About Laradon?  

Laradon is family. Laradon is warmth, comfort and security. Laradon has represented opportunity, accomplishment, love, nurturing, caring — and hope — for thousands of people with disabilities and their families. That is the Laradon culture. This culture permeates the organization and manifests itself through the staff, the people who receive services, the Colorado Elks, the families of the participants, and everyone who spends any time at Laradon. It is a culture which stems from the nature of Laradon’s origins, its history and evolution, and its unique place in our society.

Where is Laradon Heading in the Future?  

Laradon is committed to being an organization of excellence, to holding onto the principles and values that have made it great for half of a century, while at the same time adapting to new changes and challenges of life. To survive the 1900’s and into the 21st century, Laradon must manage costs, obtain additional revenue, provide “state of the art” programs and services, and remain financially viable. Laradon Must be well-managed and employ the very best people. In other words, Laradon must operate as if its very existence depends upon its efficiency and effectiveness — because it does!

Why Should I Support Laradon?  

Laradon serves children and adults with disabilities from across Colorado. They are our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, our friends or neighbors. They deserve to be given every opportunity to contribute and participate in society and to become full and equal partners to those without disabilities. As the State Major Project, Laradon is an extension of the Colorado Elks. the miracle of Laradon is a living symbol of the values and principles of the Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks.

How can I Learn More About Laradon?  

Join the Major Project Committee at the quarterly meetings. Come to the annual convention. Call Laradon and schedule a tour to see the facility. Get on Laradon’s mailing list to receive our newsletter. If you want to know more about Laradon or learn how you or your Lodge can help your State Major Project, please contact your district or state Major Project Chairman, or call Laradon at…

303-296-2400 or